The HeadStart team!

At HeadStart, each fellow is given the unique opportunity to work with personalized mentors in the vertical of their choice. With access to over 50 mentors across a diverse range of industries and universities, all members have the ability to expand their network and gain exposure to a wide variety of perspectives and experiences

The mentor-fellow relationship is an integral component of the HeadStart experience and plays a key role in enabling fellows to achieve their goals and succeed in their chosen fields

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Mentors should be a third or fourth year student enrolled in a U.S. based institution or be a full-time
professional. Professionals, please visit this page to learn more about professional partnerships

Successful mentors should have ...

  • Relevant Industry Experience
    Mentors should have a strong background and a proven track record of success in their chosen
    field with a deep understanding of the industry landscape and current trends
  • Passion for Mentorship
    Mentors should have a passion for helping others achieve their goals and should be dedicated
    to supporting and empowering their mentees to reach their full potential
  • Availability and Commitment
    Mentors should be available and committed to meeting with their mentees on a regular basis
    and should be willing to invest the time and energy needed to build a strong and supportive
    mentor-mentee relationship
  • Adaptability and Open-Mindedness
    Mentors should be adaptable and open-minded, with the ability to work effectively with
    individuals from diverse backgrounds and with different skill sets and experiences


Applications are LIVE now! They open each year in August and December for the Fall and Spring cohorts respectively.
Please see below for more information