Our story

In late 2021, Obafemi took some time to reflect on his professional journey and realized that he wanted to do something to help students who come from a similar background as he did. He started discussing with friends about tangible things he could do to help underrepresented students on a larger scale. Eventually, he realized that mentorship played a significant role in changing his professional trajectory. Without the guidance and support of his mentors during his early days at UT, he wouldn't have been where he is today. He decided to bring HeadStart to life with the goal of helping underrepresented students. Initially, He reached out to his friends, and formed a group of 12 mentors. At this time, they only had an idea and a mission but when he made the first LinkedIn post announcing the opening of applications, the interest and support he received were much more than anticipated. The program had hundreds of applications, which validated that they were addressing a problem that many students faced. During the admission process, they realized that they would need more than 12 mentors due to the high volume of applications. Therefore, they started cold outreach, reaching out to friends of friends and other upperclassmen on LinkedIn. The program ended up with 40 mentors, and many students and professionals were excited about the opportunity to give back. Together, the founding team brainstormed and formalized the Headstart curriculum. Today, HeadStart has grown into an ecosystem of over 200 people, including senior professionals and college students. Going forward, HeadStart hopes to continue impacting students at scale and change the trajectory of underrepresented students interested in business

A message from our founder

"Coming from an under-resourced high school where few students pursued careers in business, I felt extremely lost...

I decided to start the HeadStart Fellowship as a platform to foster not only mentorship, but a sense of community for students coming from nontraditional backgrounds to share their professional growth and excel in their business careers."

Obafemi Ajayi
CEO & Founder

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Who we are

The HeadStart Fellowship is a mentorship program designed to give high achieving college students a “head start” on their professional and personal development. The program will give students exposure to professional opportunities and guidance within the technology, finance & consulting fields

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What we do

The value of HeadStart starts with the members of our organization. Our members range from working professionals to university students. The core commonality is a strong dedication to ensuring all members accomplish their personal and professional goals


India Easton
Fellow FA22
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HeadStart helped me become confident and assertive within my skills. From finishing up my final interview down to assisting me in accepting my offer, the support from the community with like minded individuals helped me feel more secure throughout the interview process.

Theophilus Johnson
Fellow SP22
Goldman Sachs
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HeadStart Fellowship has played a vital role in helping me not only develop professionally, but in my character as well. The community is an intellectually curious group of people that just want to get better everyday. I owe it to this phenomenal community that was I able to land a summer internship at Goldman Sachs.

Martina Kurchan
Fellow FA22
Bank of America
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My HeadStart experience was fantastic. I was able to connect with likeminded individuals and meet wonderful people. HeadStart people are always open to help when needed!

Goodness Ifesanya
Fellow FA22
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It’s been a really wonderful place to meet likeminded people to grow with and learn together. You really feel as though everyone is trying to help each other.

Cesar Monagas Romero
Fellow FA22
University of Texas at Austin
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I’ve loved my experience in HeadStart as a fellow. Having such a big community of motivated students all across the US is super helpful because the wealth of knowledge is so palpable. The support and mentorship are unmatched and everyone is constantly sharing opportunities and trying to uplift each other.

Amen Amare
Fellow FA22
Boston College
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I’ve had a terrific experience being apart of HeadStart. The community is truly there for one another and the mentor I’ve been paired with is exceptional. After being a cohort member I feel very confident entering the professional landscape.

Phoenix Pittman
Fellow FA22
University of Houston
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HeadStart has been crucial for my professional development by giving me a community of people who constantly push me to do more and give me the utmost support. I found some of my closest friends in HeadStart and the most influential resources in my recruiting journey. It gave me confidence that my goals were achievable because I see people who accomplished them and more around me.

Rahel Sitotaw
Fellow FA22
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Having the opportunity to be apart of HeadStart was truly the highlight of my semester. Everyone here is so driven to accomplish their goals and truly rooting for one another’s success. I don’t know where I would have been without the program and am so thankful for my experience. I can’t wait to give back to this organization!

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